Cheating on science has become easier

As the world has progressed forward, science and technology are the two things that have evolved the fastest and slowly and steadily the world is adopting it because it is an easier alternate to all the things that we do. We are always more inclined to get a work done but with putting the least amount of energy that we can. You are supposed to be known by now that although, science is the reason our world is progressing, it is technology that is making it a lot easier to cheat on it with the help of the loopholes.

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Over the period of time, computers have become an integral part of our life. It is something has the capacity to do anything and introduce us to so many new things. No matter how poetic it sounds, a computer program is only made out of some codes which loosely translate into zero and ones. If you re arrange them, it would take no time break into your computer. But this isn’t the case only when it comes to the tech world, even in other spectrums of life you would find out that it has become way easier now to cheat on things.

In the healthcare industry, a urine test is something that is really common. Almost everyone has to go through them at some point of their life. Because of all the development and research, now with quick fix urine you can easily cheat on that as well. Quick fix synthetic urine is all that you need to cheat on years of medical research and so on. If we are creating a lock to keep things safe, we are automatically creating a key for it as well and that’s the truth that we all have to live with.