Mark Dubowitz on Whether There is Deeper America Motive of Iranian Sanction

In the years that America has been involved in the dispute with Middle Eastern nations, it is pretty evident that most of the countries have suffered gravely. With the years down the line, the sanctions against Iran has drained the country of its glory as well as wealth. The surprising fact is that along with the American government; many Europe union members are devoted to getting the economy stable. The main question, however, is whether this is a ploy to get deeper roots in the Middle Eastern country? Mark Dubowitz from the council of defense in the USA, has spoken against the decision of sanction as a whole.

Mark Dubowitz

The deeper motives – is there some?

Though many people hate it and some people are bashful of how the nuclear deal is going to benefit both the nations, it is unclear of how deeply the impact is going to affect the countries.

  • The nuclear pact that has been made between the two powerful militant countries is what a very wise decision is.
  • While most of the Iranians and Middle Eastern countries believe it to be, the American ploy of warming up relations, it is actually more favorably a political move. The main focus of this political move is to bring peace to both the countries for the sake of its citizens.

Whereas most of the people are involuntarily supporting the idea of getting peace restored back to their countries, Mark Dubowitz the CEO of defense lining of democracies is against it.

The real fact

Handling a country who is enraged and also in a  constant battle point of terrorism, is a bad decision, according to the CEO of defense. Many of the great leaders across the world have supported his comment, and Mark Dubowitz has stood in line against the pact. What is left to understand and notice now is whether either of these counties will absolutely benefit or not!