Moti Ferder – Motivational Force for Lugano Diamonds

Leaders are not created but developed with their ability. Lugano Diamonds emerged as a leader in the diamond jewelry industry. Found with an idea of a unique kind of jewelry, it connected to worldwide locations to acquire the precious and the rarest gems to work upon and to create spectacular masterpieces of jewelry. They worked on every stone to provide a stunning appearance, whatever time they took on this, but always came up with some uniqueness. They created more than expectation of the high-class society and the reward of success was in their hand. No company can progress on its own and its progress is the efforts of its core team. The progress of jewelry industry is attributed by its creative people, the people who bring exceptional for the progress. One such name to mention here is Moti Ferder, CEO and Design director of Lugano Diamonds.

moti ferder

Lugano diamonds and its creativity

Lugano Diamonds is known for its diamond jewelry masterpieces and work of art in every creation. The company is trend setter in diamond jewelry, but the creative force behind the trends is Moti Ferder who leads the team as creative designer with his inherited knowledge and skill in diamond cutting and shaping. Ferder has broad vision for various aspects of diamond cutting and its worldwide distribution. This has attributed to the success of Lugano Diamonds. Ferder has saturated knowledge in diamond perfection that helps his creative team to design an innovation and he is always ready to share his knowledge with his team members. He always thinks new and creates new and his clients can wait for this new creation.

Ferder’s role

Ferder’s role is vital and contributive in every aspect of designing. He has role in different capacities as an owner, a designer and a creative team leader. Thus, he is motivational force for every component of the company.