Now Find Various Applications for Several Academic Purposes Online

Malaysia is famous for its sea of knowledgeable people. The people of this country have cooperative mind set and helping nature. So the government of Malaysia has decided to bring up a new technique of controlling students, teachers and educational sources.

There are a great number of applications through which students get benefited. These are being gradually described in this article. is one the relevant sites that provide valid information about the academic data. Not only that it also helps to dig out statistical database about the students and transfer it to the head of the institution and its teachers.


Some of the fundamental applications that are frequently used are given below.


Gukar guru is an application which is valid for only twice a year for managing the exchange of teachers among various organizations. This is plied by the ministry of education that is conducted through different online governors.

eOperation and ePangkat:

The former module manages the database involving teachers and non-teacher matters. This mainly collects information about tutors of an organization.

The latter maintains the promotion system of tutors and keeps records of their working hours.


When a student fills up school examination forms then this application aids him to do that conveniently. This is one of the main parts of online education system that stores pupils’ information for further communication and examination data transfer.


Through this module the ministry of education simply activates the teacher’s training management system. Workshops, curriculum trainings, courses and briefings that are being held by teachers are kept in account of this system.

The above applications are few vital applications that modify the education system of Malaysia in a grave manner. Administration of academic system has substantially helped pupils and teachers in an enormous way by these possibilities. Thus one should make the usage of these applications from the beginning of his study from legal areas like