The Use of the APDM Discussed Over Here

You will see that the APDM is mostly used for storage of information regarding features found during transmission of gas pipelines. The APDM has been basically designed to be used along with the ESRI geodatabase. You will see that the geodatabase, is actually a structure for storing as well as sorting of geographic data. The data models which existed earlier and had been published already were used as a basis for APDM. It was later increased in size to meet with the demands of the pipelines.

Designing of model

The model was initially prepared keeping in mind the usual features found in more than 80% of the pipelines. Other than the basic design, different additional items included here are integrity, analysis of risks as well as finding the areas of higher priorities. This is very much in keeping with the other ESRI models.


Basic functions

The APDM was never supposed to be a thorough model. It is rather a template, from which an operator would begin the basic elements of the model and then keep modifying it according to the needs of the company. Going through APDM, will make sure that you have complete idea regarding the functioning of the model.


The reason behind giving a fixed set of to the model is to provide a vendor with a solid framework and thereby develop applications based on the model as well as transfer data among the already existing databases. The presence of this feature ensures that any vendor would be able to change the earlier structures.

The use of the ESRI technology can guarantee that any pipeline vendor would be able to modify and develop a custom model that would meet its need in the best possible manner. The can make you more aware regarding the latest events in this sector.